Sunday, January 19, 2014

I learn crochet.

It began as my son, William, got beginner crochet in craft lesson in the school. He is at 4th grade primary school. Last monday, he showed me the chain stitch. 20cm long.... and 1,30m in 4 days !!!! He loves crochet :-)  and I don't know anything about crochet :-(
So I arranged a small workshop with a friend, who is doing crochet for more than 15 years. William and I went to her on Saturday and learned our corporated crochet. Took about 3 hours (beside laugh and funny things) and we are ending with half woll hat / beanie. It was really Fun!!!! William is totally happy, me too.

The 2 colors belongs to William. The blue one is mine. They use difference yarn.. mine is thicker than William's.

 This white flower is my next adventure. It looks terrible. Need more days and time ;-)

If our wool hat ready, I promise to show you. But I don't know... when!

xoxoxoxoxo Dian