Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year - New Spirit

wow wow... only 2 days until the end of 2013. Time flies!

What did I think of 2013? 2013 was busy year, everyday full up with family things and work. Nothing bad with it, love my kids and husband too much :-)  Office work is important too, so 2013 was great !

And what do I think for 2014? More relaxing days, more money, more fun at work, and more more more good things to come. Ammeeenn ;-)
I will trying to make some jewelry too. Maybe to filling my shop (which is nothing inside) or just to be happy playing with beads-wire-clay-etc. In fact, Xmas days brought me good time for wiring again. I made bracelet and ring. Here they are:

Bracelet with miscellanous beads. Wrapped them with 20ga silver platted wire. So much fun !!!
Small ring with wood bead. Maybe bought from Indonesia, not sure. It is pretty and unique.

Now dear friends, I wish you a HAPPY 2014 !!!!  I hope your new year is filled with joyful learning, abundant opportunity and pleasure in all you do. Look forward to seeing you again in 2014. Stay safe and creative. May 2014 be your best year yet !!!!!!

xoxoxoxoxo Dian

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Druzy Necklace

As mom with 3 kids and halfday job, always hard to get time for playing with jewelry. It was beginning of March as I started this copper clay pendant. Prepare the base, leaves, tiny balls. Some days gone ... sticking them nicely with thick paste. Another days .... refining and smoothing. Today, 23rd March, finally I finished it ! Happy dance ;-)
Stone bezel is copper wire.

The back view. Not so good, I know. Forgive me ..

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ArtClay Copper

This are my old work with ArtClay Copper. Anyhow forget to show them here... what a mess ;-)
Meine alte Arbeit mit ArtClay Copper. Ich weiss nicht wieso habe ich vergessen, euch zu zeigen hier 

xx Dian