Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YOJ11 Week 7 - For my friend

This week I represent my piece I made for my friend in UK.  She is a wonderful woman, clever and full of surprise. She an excellent motivator, good at starting things, and helping other people find solutions to problems. Hope our friendship will be last forever.

The pendant consists of 1 Spinel Cab and 2 Spinel beads. The idea was making netted cabochon pendant. Spinel cab is simple elegant, I didn't think to put too much wire on it. Time flows, my hands kept on wrapping and coiling. In the end I had 2 pieces! oh wow...  A netted cab with spinel bead on the bail and a half round wrapped spinel bead.  I took 2cm wire, made 2 loops in each end. Bent it to soft U, slipped into the bail.  With jump rings, the small wrapped bead hangs good to the bail.
Sorry for the bad pic. Not easy to take pic in front of mirror ;-)
Dear friend, this is your Xmas gift. I know it is late, hope you'll take it and like it. A belated Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

YOJ11 Week 6 - Leaf (Blatt)

Learn how to handle Art Clay Silver. Gorgeous silver I can make in a day. Etc etc etc... that are my sweet dream about ACS. And now... I made my first pendant!!!!!
It has a name. Far From Perfect, But I'm Proud Of It. Long name but gives you one shot about how I feel. As you see, there are many cracks, the alongside are not similar, the hole for jump ring is too small. It is really really bad quality silver leaf ;-)  It is good so, that I learned how to put the lump clay into mold, how to avoid any crack, need more time at refine dry clay. In the next making time, I'll try to catch the process in my camera, so I can show you how fun it is. Only has to wait til my next package comes over the sea *-*

But hey... look at this necklace! My attempt for turning out the poor Leaf to a Pretty Leaf On the Flower. All the way, it is my first piece and I would love to use it :o)  A friend gave a suggestion to change the crossed wire in front to a nice curly wire on the edges. Sounds good.... thanks. I'll give a go.

Oh almost forget, the theme this week is Amore. I guess I felt in love with art clay silver... or? Let time tells.

xx Dian

Sunday, February 6, 2011

YOJ11 Week 5 - Little Black

The theme for this week is Dirty and Down.  It is some kind like how you catch your customers and which piece you will make for a good sale.  Better I tell you the important point to have customers in Germany.

Simple, elegant, chic is typical jewelry for German people.  A  light blue  topaz in bezel setting, suspended from a delicate cable chain or  a shimmering dangling grey freshwater pearl earring  are some examples for great profit.  An everyday jewelry!!!
The other point  is the Quality. Not only the quality of the jewelry itself, but also the material.  Silver, gold, pearl, precious stone, swarovski are very popular.  Tell them very detail about your jewelry. German people love discussion, and if it is regarding what their interest, you will win their hearts.

It isn't easy to put the both point in each jewelry I make,  because noone wants to seen as a 'stereotypical' person!  See the heart shape above. Not really heart, but still you know it is a heart. Simple but eye-catching.

I keep those 2 points for selling  my jewelry in home market. Give them Simple-Quality!

xx Dian

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Year Of Jewelry 2011

I forgot to tell you that I am joining YOJ 2011. With motto : One Piece, Per Week, For A Year. 

It's intended to be fun, challenge the muse and get feedback. It is a great way to progress and push  ourself to try new things. 

Familiar? Yes, this is my necklace for completing Water Edge's earrings. In the same time, it is my first piece for YOJ2011.
YOJ11-01 theme New Beginning.

YOJ11-02 theme Eclipse
15mm lavender pearl with silver plate wire as pendant.

YOJ11-04 theme Wild and Wicked
How crazy to mix gold tone colored wire and chain? I did it and ... voila!!

I couldn't catch YOJ 03. With Mix Media theme, have no idea :-(

Up now, I'll post each week my entry for YOJ11. Fingers crossed for me !!!!
xx Dian

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My tools for clay... basic one :-)

Look at them!!!  I bought basic tools, really basic.
And my first silver clay. Oh is expensive!
7g clay for 10 euro.

I found mold for cheap. Hope they work good. They look so nice. 1 mold contents 5 textures.

The blue worksurface is a hard plastic. Not find acrylic or plexiglas in the small size.

Can't wait to try them all!!!  ups, 7g clay will be too less, or? lol...