Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Play With Clay

 Last Friday I borrowed 2 interesting books. Metal clay. I spent my weekend to reading them. It was my best weekend. Basic informations, gallery, step by step pictures. I am a vey beginner level for clay and have zero knowledge about it. I make no ad, but trust this books if you are same level like me ;-)

No tools and no clay yet. Silver clay is expensive, but it's not necessary to buy expensive tools to work with metal clay. If you are completely new to this, you can start using metal clay with minimal investments in tools. Spent money on a packet of clay and see how we get on. That's what I did. I made my own textures!

I bought modelling clay. Is it same type like polymer clay? No idea... this is the one I found in the only one craft-shop by me :-(

Start with roll out the clay. Make a ball of it. Small one. Roll and flatten it onto your work surface, till you get enough flatt area to press your object into it.

This one use Lego ruck-wheel as object. See the nice   texture, just like braiding.

The end of bracelet, which is many swirls, gave me possibilty to make this pretty texture.

This metal bird has colorful beautiful wings. I transform the texture, not the color :0)

Can't believe that a fly swatter made such texture. Don't forget to clean all dead flies away .. lol.

Here they are. My handmade textures.
The tiny sculpted or molded stamps were insipred by Jill Palumbo

I still have to wait at least 3 days that they all dry and ready to use. Have plenty enough time for online shopping a packet or two of clay...

My best thanks to Tresna  You are amazing, girl!!!!
Thanks for reading,
xx Dian

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Metal Stamp Giveaway at Lori Anderson

Visit this blog !!!!!!!!!!
This fabulous stamp set is ready to win. A $70 value!  What a gift !

I really wish that I could win this. As in Germany we don't have any shop for wonderful tools,  it would be my best chance to get this stamp. Lori has beautiful pendant made with this stamp. Please please Lori... let me be the winner ;-)

xx Dian

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 2010-1

Pendant made with no idea what should I make ;-)  I promised myself to be more productive.  No other story... the end !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Water's Edge Pendant

Feeling like I have to make it ;-) Swirls are still in, and gemstones!!!! Earth tone Tourmaline!!! Oh, what a lovely day.

Chain Maille

My first Chain Maille. From Lauren Andersen tutorial.

Material : gold plated jump rings and swarovski beads.