Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm IN PRINT at Stepbystep Wire Jewelry Mag.

Look at the MASK!!! Yes ... MASK!!!! OMG... my Mask in print!!!! what a beautiful mask... lol
I made this mask some months ago. For challenge with wire lover's friends in FB. We had to make a piece based from picture. I got a Venedic mask picture. Took some weeks to pressed my idea out. Til I spent my last 4 days (before the dateline) making this mask. And you know what? This print means so much for me. Even I'm not alone in that page, but this is my FIRST! and it gives me sooooooooo good feeling...yay ;-)

I used 26ga gold plated wire. Drew the core on paper and bent my wire along it. The eyebrowns are 4mm metal beads and using technique from Riqzmie Creation. You can find it under 'Pegion Earing' at
The hair is shiny brown and yellow cz squarebeads, black glass leaves, and big brown wood beads as the highlights!! Under eyes are 3 big brown leaves and 3 swirl wires.
Truly, it is heavy mask. So I got to twisted 3 20ga wires together as the handle.

I'm happy.... and thanks for being with me in this small world. Luv youuuuuu!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Viking Knit

Finally I made viking knit. This age old technique of weaving wire took my attention too much, as I saw my friends made it. So FABULOUS pieces....
Bought tutorial from JanRaven here and started the long night, played with viking knit.

In the beginning I had to digging in my man's working room. Searched for vice. It is important tool for holding the wire as our hand are busy with knitting. Find out that it is useful too for taking care our not-yet-ready knit, if we leave it for short or long time. Some bead-store has this tool too. Mine is from hardware store.
Next is search for mandrel. Use Allen wrench...very cheap and good!
So I set up my table. Clamped the vice on table and was ready with work... ;-)

2 hours later...This is what I made. 10' wire became 2,5'' chain!!!!! Not very happy about it, but hey...I made viking knit and this is my first attempt. Let's celebrate it.... lol.

I made Viking-Fischy Bracelet... after 4 hours hooked and felt slowly sleepy :o)
Enjoy my Viking Knit journey.... thanks for coming!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artfire... ;-)

---------- Earrings from EmiKaz's tut ---------------
I dream of my own online shop. Ever tried one in Germany... not happy with it. And searched again..spending much time for reading every forum about that. Etsy, artfire, ebay, 1000markets,artfolk, dawanda, etc. Lol.... instead of finding out which is the best, I had headache!
But the show must go on... made up my mind: ARTFIRE! Yipiiieee!!!!!
Curious why I took it? okay..let me tell you some reasons.
1. Listing is free. And NO commissions paid out if I sell something. Yep, this is my first self-employed bussiness. I can't pay too much fee yet. Got to see how it develops and who knows... (wish me luck) :-)
2. I can upgrade my membership to Verified, means got to pay monthly fee but got more services and that's all fee I have to pay.
3. Artfire has article for comparing their service to Etsy, allowing me to understand how is the competition.
4. It is worldwide known, even Artfire has different way from Etsy.
5. This will be fabulous site and hope my shop goes very well!

Thanks for reading... Now got to find out how I put my Artfire in this blog. Oh you can see my shop if you clik this :

xx Dian