Saturday, May 10, 2014

REVEAL TIME ** 8th Bead Soup Blog Party **

Helooooooo ;-)  Today is the big day for many many jewelry makers and jewelry lovers from the whole world !!!!

Hosted by Lori Anderson, she is truly amazing artist. I can't have enough words to say how I adore her! If you don't know Bead Blog Soup Party, quickly it is exchange of beads from two partners. Any beads are allowed but MUST have a clasp and a focal. Then make pretty jewelry from those beads, can put her/his own things in design. And today is the big showing day for everybody who signed up. So I'll be busy to hop on each blog and got crazy of each beautiful pieces of everyone ;-))))

The bad news, my laptop died yesterday, so I need time to save some pictures. Means I can't show you the picture of beads from my partner. Just scroll down to my previous post, I put them there.

My partner this year is a sweet lady from Hildesheim, Germany. Anja sent me beautiful beads, in the color of spring. Green like leaves and red like flowers. Some silver things to cheers the day are inclusive. And pretty focal too. This is spring necklace. Do you feel cheerful and happy with those colors? Me, yes !
My own finding for her cabochon. The chain starts with small glass green beads, patina butterflies, bigger glass green beads. And I remind you that I want to have spring on my neck, so red flowers are a must. First let the butterflies hang, then those glossy red beads give beautiful touch. Look at that silver roses !!! Such pretty.

Next project is bracelets. Not only 1 but 3 bracelets! I make them as stack bracelets. 
The Leaves Green Bracelet uses only beads from Anja. They are soooo pretty and glossy. I LOVE them.

These Roses Red Bracelet has small butterfly in silver. Tiny cute, why don't take them to 'dance' with red beads. Shiny and glittering bracelet. I put small similar red swarovski beads on it.

The last Carnival Bracelet. Colorful swarovski beads to combine with red pretty wood bead from Anja. Perfect!!!!

Here they are. My Spring Jewelry for 8th Bead Soup Blog Party. 

Thank you Anja... thank you Lori. And thank to all of you, jewelry friends for your supports. Long live jewelry makers world.... long live blogger .... I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please leave comments for me. Your attention and comments mean so much. And you can watch the list of our friends who attends this year party List

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Dian