Friday, March 21, 2014

Peek a boo ! Her Soup

Yay! I got mine for Bead Soup 2014. And my soup is also already by Anja  :-)
Wonderful day with big smile .......
Look at those sweet flowers and butterflies ! They are soooo pretty . I love that color. Bring me to summer time and rose garden feeling. Look at that wonderful cabochon. No idea what flower on it, they are too cute.
Tiny milk white flowers are made from pearls !!!!  Never say no to pearls ... ;-)

Other side from cheering beads I got, Anja herself is strugling with pregnancy. Doctor told her the possibilty, her baby will born with heart defect. It is a schock and really sad news. Hard time for her and family. I hope she gets best treatment and hope that God helps her. Sending Anja hugs and pray !

My soup for Anja, like I told, are by her. And stupid me, I forgot to take pics !!!!!  I wrapped them nice and thought about pictures. Dang !!!!!

Now you see the pillow boxes only :o)  

Are you curious for what inside and what I make from Anja's beads? May 3, is the reveal day.... be patience ;-)

Love you all,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Partner for Bead Soup Blog Party

I got PARTNER !!!!   Thank you Lori  :-)

So after waiting some days and checked impatient daily my email, finally I got my Partner for Bead Party. YAY !!!
Her name is Anja. Talented lady who lives in Germany. Oh don't you think it is great?  Jewelry-friends in Germany...  to talk some 'Bead-Talk' or someday to meet ...........

Look at Anja's pretty necklace !!!

Now I am curious and can't wait to open my box from her. But before, I need to find some pretties for her too.

See you soon and be nice !!!