Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hund No. 3 ist Scotty. Pfotenabdruck Serie

Take a bit long until I reach my table and having time to write. Well... life :o)
Like I promise, now is the last paw print to show. It comes from our own dog, Scotty !!!!

LOL ... that was his Xmas gift. He allowed to crush and trash the whole wrap paper !!!!!  He did it just in few minutes... and looked around waiting for new paper ;-)

Scotty is a border collie. Such active and intelligent dog. It is always fun to have a game with ball or frisbee. He is never get tired with long walking or bike tour. Bike tour is absolutly his favorite, he loves speed !!!!  The only one who can control his speed is my husband ;-)

Scotty back to 2009. As puppies... cute. Beside him is Kitty, our beloved cat.

The paw print of Scotty. yay...

I will listed them on my Dawanda shop. But need to work some infos out. I promise to come back and spread the news ;-)
Thank you for reading... I hope you enjoy it.

xx Dian

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