Friday, June 6, 2014

New Push Me Programm

I keep thinking (and dreaming) to be better. Jewelry world, jewelry maker, jewelry dream !
Got to be productive, got to make time, got to push myself !

So starting today, I WILL (again WILL) make one piece per week. It can be a ring, a necklace, simple pendant, or a broken piece. Basically creative and productive.

This programm called New Push Me. Shortly NPM. Hehehehehe I know it sounds funny ;-)

This is my premiere piece. A ring made from ArtClay Silver. Inspired from sea, the inner side of the ring reminds me to seaweeds. For outer side, you'll find such small scallops texture. Very cute.
On the top I made a silver disc with same texture and put pretty pearl. 

My sea ring is ready. Ah .. I didn't forget to oxidize it to show the texture and color contrast better.
Available at my Shop

Wish me luck that I stay discipline. Wish me luck that my jewelry dream comes true :-)
xx Dias

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