Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pendant Project 1

My promise to make 'how-to' Art Clay piece. This step-by-step pictures are not detail and clean, sorry. Next time I'll search 'more' hands and do my best to give you better information.
For this project I use Art Clay Silver Low Fire.
Make sure your hands and all the tools have somekind of cooking oil or olive oil to prevent sticking. Roll down your clay 2 cards thick. Here I use 2 plastic rulers as cards. 
Apply texture you like and use kraft knife to make small rectangle. 
A spacer as my texture. I pushed a cubic zirconia in the middle, not sure if my clay is high enough to capture the stone. We will find out as I fire it :o)  Actually, I need to syring on the small dollop of clay and push the stone in. So, finger crossed that my nice zirconia not jumping out..
 There are many methods of making holes in your clay. Punch the hole with simple drinking straw, a pin tool, or a hand drill. Wet clay is easier to work, as you see my pendant. And don't forget the shrinkage fired clay, so make the hole slighty larger.

Time to let it dry. Hair dryer needs 10-20 mins, natural dry needs 24 hours at room temperature. See you tomorrow... with sanding and firing the clay.

xx Dian

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