Sunday, November 7, 2010

Swarovski In Blitz

As Christmas comes closer, we need special and unique home decorations and gifts. In Germany there is a tradition Hobby Künstler und Bastler Bazar (Creative Hobby and Art Fair), which made for this task. You will find homemade crafts from local artist or home-hobbiest. Home accessories, gifts, design-lifestyle articles, floristry, souvenirs, all regarding to Christmas and Holiday season.

This year I am joining such Fair again. It will take place in our primary school building. Yep...mostly visitors are kids, teenagers and their parents. Hmmm... what should I put on my table to take their attention and make good sale?

Heart Swarovski Pendant 18mm. In 4 colors... they are stunning, aren't they?

Rivoli stone 14mm. I saw that such simple pendants are In. Why don't I try to catch my customers with these bling... ;-)

Don't forget the Earrings!!!!! Heart swarovski 10mm as matching jewelry.

This necklace are made for 'adult' customers...if you know what I mean.. lol. Okay they are Rivoli 14mm as centre and Bicone 4mm and 8mm, or crystal pearls 8mm.

A selection of fashionable--and affordable--jewelry for teens (and adults) that's perfect for back to school or any other time. This jewelry should move easily from casual to dressy occasions. Swarovski in simple design is the answer!
Wish me luck and cash!!!! Oh if you can, come and visit me in Schwandorf, Nov 21st!


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