Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My best birthday present!!!!!

I promise that I am still alive!!!! Quite not much time for blogging, but happy tell you all contuining for my 1st tutorial. Yes.... you can see it now, real, in Step by step magazine. IT IS IN PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a birthday present!! It came just 1 day before my birthday. Very exciting as posty gave me the big envelope with Stepbystep Magazine print on the top! Yay..... the magazine finally by me!!! Oh here in Germany, I get the mag later than US friends. Let say 10 days later.

Big bold earrings with purple background!!! Oh can't believe myself...they are my earrings! Looks so beautiful and gorgeous.... hahahahaha okay stop please ;-)

My private opinion, this magazine has the best pictures. You will be surprised and very insipring for each page. Really, I know it very well. Great pictures with creative layout. Just fantastic!

In the end, don't forget to smile, is me!!! Short talk but enough....

So, that's the latest!!! I will coming back with some ... story or jewelry. Let's see..


  1. Oh Dian I'm so happy and proud of you!!!!

  2. Thanks Monica!!! your comment means a lot!!!

  3. Thanks Lori!!! Happy to share this with you. Happy day!!!!