Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm IN PRINT at Stepbystep Wire Jewelry Mag.

Look at the MASK!!! Yes ... MASK!!!! OMG... my Mask in print!!!! what a beautiful mask... lol
I made this mask some months ago. For challenge with wire lover's friends in FB. We had to make a piece based from picture. I got a Venedic mask picture. Took some weeks to pressed my idea out. Til I spent my last 4 days (before the dateline) making this mask. And you know what? This print means so much for me. Even I'm not alone in that page, but this is my FIRST! and it gives me sooooooooo good feeling...yay ;-)

I used 26ga gold plated wire. Drew the core on paper and bent my wire along it. The eyebrowns are 4mm metal beads and using technique from Riqzmie Creation. You can find it under 'Pegion Earing' at
The hair is shiny brown and yellow cz squarebeads, black glass leaves, and big brown wood beads as the highlights!! Under eyes are 3 big brown leaves and 3 swirl wires.
Truly, it is heavy mask. So I got to twisted 3 20ga wires together as the handle.

I'm happy.... and thanks for being with me in this small world. Luv youuuuuu!


  1. Your! Mask! In! Print! Oh my dog that's wonderful news!!! Du bist soooo toll! Bald stoßen wir auf deinen Erfolg an, ja? Cheers!

  2. WOW! You did that? I was blown away when I saw it!

  3. Thanks Jutta...ich komme dann vorbei und bring champagne mit. Cheers!
    Pretty Things, thank you so much. Great that you like the mask :-x
    xx Dian