Friday, July 16, 2010

Viking Knit

Finally I made viking knit. This age old technique of weaving wire took my attention too much, as I saw my friends made it. So FABULOUS pieces....
Bought tutorial from JanRaven here and started the long night, played with viking knit.

In the beginning I had to digging in my man's working room. Searched for vice. It is important tool for holding the wire as our hand are busy with knitting. Find out that it is useful too for taking care our not-yet-ready knit, if we leave it for short or long time. Some bead-store has this tool too. Mine is from hardware store.
Next is search for mandrel. Use Allen wrench...very cheap and good!
So I set up my table. Clamped the vice on table and was ready with work... ;-)

2 hours later...This is what I made. 10' wire became 2,5'' chain!!!!! Not very happy about it, but hey...I made viking knit and this is my first attempt. Let's celebrate it.... lol.

I made Viking-Fischy Bracelet... after 4 hours hooked and felt slowly sleepy :o)
Enjoy my Viking Knit journey.... thanks for coming!!

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