Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artfire... ;-)

---------- Earrings from EmiKaz's tut ---------------
I dream of my own online shop. Ever tried one in Germany... not happy with it. And searched again..spending much time for reading every forum about that. Etsy, artfire, ebay, 1000markets,artfolk, dawanda, etc. Lol.... instead of finding out which is the best, I had headache!
But the show must go on... made up my mind: ARTFIRE! Yipiiieee!!!!!
Curious why I took it? okay..let me tell you some reasons.
1. Listing is free. And NO commissions paid out if I sell something. Yep, this is my first self-employed bussiness. I can't pay too much fee yet. Got to see how it develops and who knows... (wish me luck) :-)
2. I can upgrade my membership to Verified, means got to pay monthly fee but got more services and that's all fee I have to pay.
3. Artfire has article for comparing their service to Etsy, allowing me to understand how is the competition.
4. It is worldwide known, even Artfire has different way from Etsy.
5. This will be fabulous site and hope my shop goes very well!

Thanks for reading... Now got to find out how I put my Artfire in this blog. Oh you can see my shop if you clik this :

xx Dian

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