Sunday, May 23, 2010

Need A Friend!

Whatever we are, wherever we are...a friend is always nice to have. This time I found out that a childhood friendship is easier to make than an adult friendship. Well, at least to my experience. This is like my up and down of friendship in last 10 years.
Since 2001 I live in Germany. Everything new, culture, people, language. I got to start search friend. 10 years are gone, I met many people. Too bad I find not a friend just like a best friend. Maybe I ask too much, can be I'm not a good friend to anyone else. But I learned to trust and share, learn to accept the friendship and as well as being a good friend myself. Who knows I find her/him, who accept my friendship, who trust me just who I am, and we share our life in bad and good time..... like a real BEST FRIEND!

A poem what I like, 'dance upon the wind' by Intimate Knight.

Only to vanish once more, just like all my yesterdays.
Until chance comes again, I'll let my thoughts dance upon the wind.
I don't know where I'm going, and where I've been isn't much to speak of.
I just know my heart is always showing, leading me to some far off love.

Just when I give up the fight.
Here it comes to make the bad things good, and the wrong things right.
Only to leave me lost and lonely again.
Drifting away as my thoughts dance upon the wind.

It has a name, I think they call it friend.


  1. Too bad I live a BIT too far away from your place - I wish I could be your best friend. We could have so much fun, and share the sadder moments in life too (like when the dog loses too much hair, or the wire has a kinky day - or hubby is being unattentive and unfair) AAw how far 300km can be :-(
    Good that we have the internet! And the phone! Should phone more often, defo.
    Hab dich lieb, alte Hexe <3

  2. Ah Jutta, wherever you are, you are my friend too. Ich weiss auch nicht mehr, was ist 'best friend' bedeutet. Keine Zeit mehr für chilling outside with kumpels.... :-( wir sind aber die beste Hausfrauen alles Zeit!