Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flower in my garden

This is my second piece this month. Actually 'January Birthstone Garnet or Rose Quartz' is our theme, but neither Garnet nor Rose Quarz in my treasure. Have to think how I make my piece then. So took some colours of chrystal beads and played with them. Snowing outside, miss summer. It is my idea: FLOWER!
Bracelet made with red chrystal beads and copper wire. I tried 18ga wire as the frame and it's too wobbly. Need more strong wire, perhaps 16 ga?

Earrings parade.... red, green, yellow. Which one is the most beautiful?

Red Earrings. Simple and attractive. Even my neighbour order 2 pairs in blue and green. Yuhuuuuu.....

Here they are...1 set Flower Jewelry with Egyptian Coil and Briolette Flower (Eni's Tut), consist of Bracelet, Ring, Earrings.

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